Neues TFS Power Tool July Release ist da!

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A new UI for subscribing for TFS Alerts (NEW!)

A VS plugin (and therefore much more friendly than the BisSubscribe command line tool) and enables much more flexible subscriptions.
Alerts can be based on Checkin, Work Item change or Build completion
Removed "Disconnect from Team Foundation server" from Menu

Best Practices Analyzer (BPA Tool) (Updated)

Support for SQLServer 2008
Incremental improvements and bug fixes

TFSUsers (NEW!)

This tool allows administrators to update TFS Work Items and event subscriptions when names are changed in Active Directory.

Work Item Templates and Process Template Editor (Updated)

Bug fixes

TFPT (Updated)

tfpt treeclean was an existing command that will delete files on your local disk that are in source controlled folders but are not in source control.  The primary difference is that it is now dramatically faster.  tfpt treeclean now replaces tfpt online /purge, which is no longer available.

A new tfpt scorch command - scorch is like treeclean except that additionally it re-downloads content that has been changed locally without pending an edit and content that has been deleted locally without pending a delete.

Important bug fixes in tfpt unshelve /migrate where the base versions for a 3 way merge were sometimes being computed incorrectly.

Improvements in online, scorch and treeclean to now handle folders as well as files, to properly handle single file mappings and proper treatment of items with pending changes other than "edit".

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