Inside SQL Azure – Self-healing, Self-governing, Massively Scalable Database service in the Cloud.

This is a talk I did a few weeks ago that will take you under the hood of SQL Azure. I cover the gateway to SQL Azure that manager billing, connectivity and some parts of T-SQL as well as Engine and surrounding services like load balancing and node governance and the fabric of SQL Azure that manages node health, replication and failover. Why is this all important to know you may ask... Well understanding all this allows you to build apps that are better citizens in the new cloud world. At the end I tie it all together with what you need to think about in your own apps when working with the service and talk about differences in app characteristics between SQL Server and SQL Azure.Even if you are not building an app on SQL Azure, today, If you want to get a deep understanding of services we built around SQL Server that make SQL Azure so unique, this is the talk to watch:


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