CCF Web Admin Interface Project

Hey there,

I'm currently on a large CCF project and therefore I have experienced the large amount of time being used in the Admin Console.

Unfortunately this is very flakey in CCF 2008, so I have decided to create a Web Admin tool to control the same stuff as the Admin Console does.

The project is not that far ahead yet, but as it is right now, you're able to add users from the CCFUsers group, and add users manually directly into the CCF database.
This is all done by consuming the CCF webservices, so nothing is written directly to the CCF database, actually I'm doing the exact same thing as the Admin Console, this just works ;)

The next step is to start creating Hosted Applications and Application mappings in the Web Admin Interface.

I don't know yet, but this might hit some day.

let me know if you have any wishes for the Interface, or maybe wanna help me out :)

over and out,