List of known bugs in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and where to get help...

1. Outlook hangs during initialization (progress toolbar displays “Loading…” and never finishes)

This must-have fix is likely the most common perf/stability issue out there, especially on Outlook 2007. This fix resolves the issue. A current workaround exists by turning off the To Do bar. (not yet published, but fix available from support)

2. With E-mail Auto Promotion Enabled, Outlook may not close cleanly/properly.

This fix addresses a memory allocation issue that can occur somewhat unpredictably. If your users are using e-mail auto promotion, I encourage you to deploy this hotfix.

3. Contacts with birthdays earlier than 1/1/1970 causes Outlook to crash

This was caused by an API change by one of our dependencies.

4. Hoster process can crash on startup of CRM for Outlook with Offline Access (Laptop Client)

This fix addresses a memory allocation issue that occurs rarely, but worth checking out if your hoster process inexplicably crashes.

5. Items in Shared Calendars will report Sync Issues

We do not support Shared Calendars in CRM 4.0, we encountered a couple of cases where some code was getting executed against a shared calendar and causing problems.

6. Appointment attendees do not resolve properly

This problem occurs when you set to option to only “Match against contacts synchronized to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

7. Unable to Go Offline with a MUI pack installed

This fix resolves a parsing error that occasionally appears in the Go Offline process, causing a failure.

8. Changing CRM website port after re-configuring IIS

We’ve encountered some customers who have made changes to the CRM IIS configuration after installation (such as adding host headers) and then had trouble with configuring clients. This is because certain config values are stored during setup which become invalidated after these IIS changes. The KB article below talks to this issue.