Driving SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption–My Slides from SharePoint Saturday Boston

SharePoint Saturday Boston was held this past weekend. It was another amazing event with over 300 people in attendance. It continues to inspire and amaze me that we have so many customers and partners committed and passionate to SharePoint. Think about all of the personal time and effort that was given up to prepare, travel, present and attend SharePoint Saturday ALL DAY this past Saturday. This is awesome.

Special thanks again to all of our partners that sponsor and run this event. This would not happen without them. Grace-Hunt and ThirdM stepped up again to lead this.

Once again, I was fortunate to be selected to speak at this event and to meet with so many of our customers and partners. My topic for this event was “Driving SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption”. My slides from the event are now available on SkyDrive.

Here are some of the key points from my session – see the slides for details and examples:

  1. SharePoint projects should be like any other major successful project.
  2. Find your “killer application” to help drive people to WANT and NEED to use SharePoint.
  3. Plan for multiple phases and releases of SharePoint features and remember to crawl, walk and run.
  4. Map out your communication and training plans for various roles.

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