BarCamp Boston 3 Announced

bcb3 The next BarCamp for the Boston area has just been announced.  BarCampBoston 3 will be on May 17th and 18th at Matignon High School in Cambridge, MA.

What is BarCamp?

BarCamp [Wikipedia description] is what's called an "unconference" event focusing on technology, tools, and practices.  Though ideas can be proposed at any time, there's no preset-in-stone session schedule.  Instead, attendees write session topics and post them to a grid of rooms and times throughout the day.

First time at a BarCamp?  Read this guide.

How do I attend?

You could just show up, but even better, add yourself to the registration list so it's easier for the planners.  There's no cost to attend, but donations are happily accepted.

Hope to see you there!