Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow - September Edition!




We're at it again!  My colleague Bob and I are heading out for round three of our Roadshow.  It (and we) will run from September 10th through the 20th, sweeping through the following cities, leaving a wake of toppled water glasses and technical enlightenment in its path:

  • Burlington, VT
  • Rochester, NY
  • Hartford, CT
  • Portland, ME
  • Waltham, MA

(Note that we've changed the Nashua, NH stop to Waltham, MA.)


Our Roadshow is a series of free full-day events featuring thoroughly technical content about both current and cutting edge technology in a location near* you (*assuming you live/work near one of the cities we're visiting.)  We consider each of the four sessions to be "300-level" depth and strive to give you the "why and why not" in addition to the "how".  Plus, we get to throw things at you.  No, really.


Registration is required and for some cities has been known to fill up.  See below for the full session descriptions and registration links.


See you on the road!



IntroducingLINQ UPDATE (8/23) - I can't promise anything at this point, but we're in the process of ordering a large quantity of the MS Press title "Introducing Microsoft LINQ" and expect to be able to give every attendee of our roadshow a copy. 

[The usual yada yada applies - we might run out, we might not get them in time, our backs might give out and we can't carry them, etc.]





Bob Familiar and Chris Bowen are two guys who love to write code and can’t stop talking about it. Now they’re back on the road, taking their long-winded rants and questionable demos to a city near you. Join them for a day of deep technology, code aplenty, and the best humor they can manage.



Agenda: A Tasteful Blend of Satisfying Technology
8:30 – 9:00

Arrive, check in, grab some coffee and a seat

9:00 - 9:05 Announcements and Introduction
9:05 – 10:25

Coding in a Dynamic World

Clinging to static ways? Relax your grip a little and take a look into the world of dynamic languages. There’s been a lot of talk, but what are they, and most importantly, what do they mean for you and your development efforts today? In this session, we’ll introduce the concepts behind dynamic languages and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). You’ll see how features such as dynamic types, method dispatch, and code generation in current dynamic languages like IronPython and future ones such as IronRuby and VBx offer effective new options for your designs and implementations.

10:25 – 10:35

Take a break and show your dynamic personality to fellow attendees

10:35 – 12:00 Practical Silverlight

Silverlight is cool but why would I use it and how does it fit into my existing web applications? How do you setup a Silverlight development environment? Can designers and developers really collaborate using Blend and Visual Studio? What impact will Silverlight have on my production environment? How can I build applications using Silverlight that invoke web services? These questions will be answered in another session. This one is about COM+. Just kidding.

12:00 – 12:45

You’ve seen the (silver) light, now see about some lunch

12:45 – 2:10

Developer Productivity Tips and Tricks for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

You might be spending hours each day working with Visual Studio, tragically only a few keystrokes or menu options away from better ways of doing the same work. This session will help you become a more productive developer and architect with Visual Studio. We'll focus on tips, tricks, and hidden gems that are available in both the 2005 and 2008 versions of Visual Studio, but of course you just know we'll throw in a few 2008-only teasers as well…

2:10 – 2:25 Enjoy an efficient break
2:25 – 3:45

Software as a Service, Software + Services, Service with a Smile, Can I Get Some Service, Where is the Waiter?

This session will introduce the concepts behind Software + Services, and what that means in a practical sense as you architect and develop new systems. We’ll talk about leveraging web services, either your own or third-party ones such as, to create compelling service-enabled systems and mashups leveraging assets such as maps, photos, rich media, contacts, search and other services.

3:45 – 4:00 Wrap Up, Evals, and Free Books



Location Date Time Registration
Sheraton Burlington Hotel Sept. 10th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register!
870 Williston Road  
Burlington, Vermont Event ID:
RIT INN & Conference Center Sept. 12th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register!
5257 West Henrietta Road  
W. Henrietta, New York Event ID:
Sheraton Hartford Hotel Sept. 17th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register!
100 East River Drive  
Hartford, Connecticut Event ID:
MESDA Sept. 18th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register!
506 Main Street  
Westbrook, Maine Event ID:
Microsoft Corporation Sept. 20th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register!
201 Jones Road, 6th Floor  
Waltham, Massachusetts Event ID:


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