Boston XNA Meeting Resources


Thanks to everyone who came to the first meeting of the Boston XNA Developers Group!  It was a casual evening to talk games and down Pop Rocks.  We introduced the concepts behind XNA and Game Studio, took in some of the news from GDC, and had a look at some of the games that you can create with XNA.

Michael and I will get things up on the group site, but in the meantime, I wanted to share links to the things we discussed and watched:

  • Join the group!  We'll fire up the discussions shortly.

  • Where you should start for XNA.  Period.

  • The professional game developers group that features half presentation half networking each month.  Features a nice list of area game development companies.

  • Free content from the last GameFest in Seattle.  Great sessions on all things game development.

  • The XNA/Xbox related videos from February's GDC - keynotes, interviews, demos, etc.

  • Shows the community games created with XNA that have been features on Xbox LIVE for download and playing

  • Demonstrates and XNA game running on the Zune!

  • Showcases the latest crop of winners from the Dream.Build.Play contest

  • Models and textures, ranging from free to paid, for use in XNA games.  Some very cool stuff here that (as we'll see in future meetings) XNA helps to pull in pretty easily!

If you missed the meeting, don't worry, we didn't get into the how-to's of XNA just yet.  The next meeting will feature a straightforward 2D game that we'll create from scratch in Game Studio using everything you can download for free.

(The next meeting will likely be March 26th, but keep an eye on the group site for details.)