Code Camp 7 Update

We're just 5 days from Code Camp 7 "Deer in Headlights!" this weekend (3/31 & 4/1) in Waltham, MA! 

There's been a fantastic response.  Over 350 attendees have registered and we'll have over 40 sessions!  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time and efforts to help!

Thanks also to our contributors, Dundas Software, CoDe Magazineasp.netPRO Magazine, and Cizer Software.  Adding in things from my collection of swag (which, much to my wife's chagrin, is stored in boxes at our house,) we'll have plenty of stuff to give away.

There's still time and room to register for the Camp .

Stay tuned (I expect tomorrow) for the Camp schedule!


P.S.  Early warning - there's a chance I'll need to substitute my XNA gaming talk due to logistics challenges, but I'm working on something even better in the region later...