Code Camp 9 - Registration and Call for Speakers Open!


Register Today!

All systems are GO for New England Code Camp 9!  CC9 will be on the weekend of April 5th and 6th - registration at 8:30, sessions at 9:00 - at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA.

Register now (for free) at  (CC8 had nearly 450 registrants, can we top that for CC9?)

Thanks to Chris Pels for setting up the registration and call for speakers!

What is Code Camp?

201 Jones Road, Waltham New England Code Camp, one of the largest community-based developer events in the region, is a free event held twice yearly at the Microsoft offices at 201 Jones Road (6th floor) in Waltham, MA. 

Code Camps (now hosted around the world,) follow a manifesto, created for the very first Code Camp held right here in New England in 2004. 

Like all Code Camps, CC9 features a high signal to noise ratio (i.e. "no marketing fluff, just stuff".)  Sessions are entirely proposed and delivered by the developer community, with the focus on developer content, practices, and code - no marketing.  (See below if you're interested in speaking!)

It's free and requires only an investment of your time, so come to learn and share with hundreds of fellow New England area developers.  And if that's not enough, you'll probably walk away with some swag as well!

The Name

Ending days of intense speculation and Las Vegas oddsmakers weighing probabilities of the outcome, the community has settled on the next in our series of Camp names that have ranged from the humorous to the downright puzzling.

j0405272This camp will be...

Code Camp 9: "I Came, I Saw, I Coded"

Or, in the words of Julius Caesar, "Veni, Vidi, Vibi" .  Thanks to Carl Franklin for the original idea and Latin punnery!

Call for Speakers

Code Camp would just be a lot of people standing around if it weren't for volunteer speakers.  We rely on YOU to give sessions on... well, whatever you're interested in! 

New to giving technical talks?  Speaking at Code Camp is a great way to get into speaking.  Want a small room for a focused topic?  No problem.  Want to get the word to the masses?  No problem, we have large rooms, too.

So, ready to share your know-how?  Here's the process:

  1. Sign in to an existing account or create a new one at site.
  2. Complete a Speaker Registry profile (if you don't already have one.)
  3. Go to the Code Camps home page.
  4. Next to the CC9 entry, you should see a "Submit a Session" link.
  5. Submit as many sessions as you'd like.
  6. Please ensure that you also register as an attendee.

Submissions must be received by Monday, March 24th.   However, we recommend you get them in earlier so we don't discover last-minute overlaps in topics.

Code Camp can't happen without you, our speakers, so thank you!

Call for Contributors

Especially in New England with our two-day format, Code Camps rely on contributors to donate giveaways and funding for food to help make the event happen.  Please let me know if your company is interested in becoming a contributor for Code Camp 9.

I look forward to seeing you all at Code Camp 9!