Controls and Control Libraries for Silverlight

Though the jury is still out on what controls we'll see in or alongside Silverlight 1.1 when it's released, there are a number of reusable controls and libraries emerging to help make development more efficient and familiar to developers used to WinForms and WebForms style programming.

The Silverlight 1.1 SDK has a set of controls with source code.

  • Button, ScrollBar, ScrollViewer, Slider, ListBox
  • Ashish Shetty discusses these controls (or at least an earlier version.)

Netika Tech GOA WinForms for SilverlightNetika Tech has GOA WinForms for Silverlight

  • Free standard edition, available Professional edition
  • Control demos


has RadControls for Silverlight

  • Newly-released Beta.  Shipping in September.
  • Control demos (with C#/VB and XAML source), including the very cool cube demo.

Dave Relyea has created a layout framework and controls for 1.1.

The Silverlight site has some sample 1.0 controls.

Telerik RadControls for SilverlightJoe Stegman posted Richard Zadorozny's "Jelly Samples" along with the 1.0 source.

Infragistics is working on Silverlight technology as well.

Of course, if others made the above controls, you can create your own as well:


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