Giving Two User Group Talks on XNA This Week!

XNA Some coincidental scheduling has given me a chance to speak with both the Boston .NET and Beantown .NET user groups this week, both on XNA!

You'll have two chances to get up to speed on how to create games easily for Windows, XBox 360, and the Zune using XNA and .NET.

The Boston .NET meeting is on Wednesday (7/9) in Waltham and the Beantown .NET meeting is on Thursday (7/10) on State St. in Boston, both are from 6-8 PM. 

If you're interested in the Beantown .NET meeting, send an RSVP email as indicated on the group's site.  (I expect we'll also head across the street for a beer after that meeting.)

Here's the description for both sessions:

"Introduction to Game Development with XNA"

Summer is upon us, so what better excuse to break away from the norm and discuss games? This meeting is for people who enjoy games, and have always wanted to know more about how they’re made… and maybe how to make their own.

XNA is a game development platform based on the .NET Framework that helps to make it easy to develop games for Windows, Xbox, and now the Zune as well.  Using the free XNA Game Studio, you can use those same C# skills that pay the bills by day for creating your own games by night (or really whenever you'd like.)

We'll introduce XNA, show you around the XNA world, then create a simple 2D game from scratch to give you a feel for game mechanics and the architecture of XNA.

This session requires no game development experience, only a passion for coding and for games!

I encourage students to attend and also parents to bring sons and daughters who are interested in gaming and programming.

Hope to see you one of these evenings!


P.S.  If you're unable to make these meetings or are already up to speed on XNA, you can come to the next meeting of the Boston XNA Developers Group on July 23rd in Waltham.