List of Game Development Podcasts

As you might know from my list of podcasts for .NET devs, I’m a big fan of podcasts to help make travel time less… [annoying | mind-numbing | wasteful].

As my recent work has focused more on game development, I’ve been keeping an eye out for relevant podcasts.  Here are the ones I know of that focus primarily on game development and the gaming industry.

Game Development Podcasts

[Last updated – 9/18/2012]

image58Another Castle
Charles J. Pratt
Interviews with game developers, especially with a focus on game development in New York.

Armless OctopusArmless Octopus
Dave Voyles, Taylor Bliss, Mike Wall
Focused on the indie game dev community.

The Brainy GamerThe Brainy Gamer Podcast
Michael Abbott
Interviews with game developers and a focus on the video game community.

Core ElementsCore Elements
Wes Wilson & Spencer Williams
Each episode features an interview with a game developer plus gaming industry news.

Experimental Game Dev PodcastExperimental Game Dev Podcast
About independent (indie) games and development.

The Game Developer's RadioThe Game Developer’s Radio
Joseph Burchett & Devin BeckerFocused on game development and design.

The Game Engine PodcastThe Game Engine Podcast
Andrew Bittman, Paul Sztajer, Saul Alexander, and Dan Graf
Focused on game developers and topics around game development.

Indie Games Podcast
Interviews with indie game developers. (and

Irrational InterviewsIrrational Interviews
Ken Levine & Shawn Elliott
Irrational’s Ken Levine and Shawn Elliott conduct interviews around the industry.

Geoff Blair & Matt Hackett
A brand new HTML5 game development podcast by Lost Decade Games (creators of the HTML5 “Onslaught!” game).

One of SwordsOne of Swords
Dan Amrich
Activision’s Dan Amrich hosts industry interviews and provides insights into what’s happening at Activision.

Each of these podcasts has had activity in the past few months.  If you know of any other active ones, please comment below (and thank you!)