Microsoft New England Job Opening - Developer Support Consultant

There is currently an opening for a Developer Support Consultant within Microsoft's the New England district.  Here is the job description: 

Developer Support Consultant (ADC)

The purpose of the ADC position is to provide our customers with a technically competent advocate with access to all the resources at Microsoft, to advise and consult on the use of Microsoft technology in their particular product or application. Tasks performed in this role include helping with technology assessments, workshops, prototyping, conducting application design reviews, performance benchmarks, code reviews, porting/migration assistance, configuration management and general development consulting. Key to the success of this role is the ability to develop and maintain strong trust/working relationships with assigned ISV/SD accounts and constantly expanding the working knowledge of current and pre-release Microsoft systems, products, and platforms.

Responsibilities: The ADC is responsible for understanding the customer's environment, its technical requirements and fit to Microsoft technologies. The ADC serves as the customer's persistent Microsoft point of contact throughout the customer's product development lifecycle, which is a role that is heavily reliant on the ADC possessing excellent customer service skills. The ADC is required to assist the team with quick and efficient resolution of customer's reactive support needs. The ADC will deliver prescriptive consulting guidance in the form of workshops, reviews, prototypes, white papers, and conclusive test results while setting realistic expectations regarding the capabilities and delivery timeframes of Microsoft technologies. It is vital that the ADC work constantly on keeping up-to-date on new Microsoft technologies relevant to the customer's particular needs and developing relationships with key Microsoft product group resources. The ADC is expected to maintain a collaborative role with customers. The ADC is expected to provide consulting assistance to peers as project workloads allows. The ADC maintains relationships with Microsoft product managers providing feedback on product requirements and drive Microsoft product feature and functionality requests on behalf of Premier clients.

Contacts: This position will have regular contact with: Premier - Other Application Development Consultants and Technical Account Managers - required for establishing support and maintaining persistent account contact point. PSS - Support Engineers - required for establishing and receiving product support. MCS - Consultants - required in the event Microsoft in contracted to perform actual software development services. Microsoft Product Groups - Program and product management / some direct contact with developers - required to drive feature set issues and resolve software bugs in early-beta releases. This position has frequent contact with all levels of Microsoft managers and employees and frequent contact with vendors and customers.

Qualifications: BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience. 5+ years of high-end software development experience building business transaction systems. Database application and transaction system design. Strong development skills with VB, C/C++/C#, ActiveX, COD/DCOM, XML highly desired. Strong business background in Fortune 500 and/or experience with systems technology consulting firm desired.

Location within New England is flexible as long as you're able to travel the area to visit customer sites.  If you're interested, feel free to contact me via this blog.