Mutli-Group Meeting - Thank You, David Chappell!

I wanted to extend my gratitude to David Chappell for visiting our special multi-user group event last night in Waltham.  It was an inspiring, informative, and interactive talk, bringing context and an understanding of the importance of world of Software + Services. 

David shared his insights, formed through his many years of industry experience, and answered the question "As a technology professional, how will this new world of S+S and SaaS affect me?"

The meeting was very well attended!  I didn't count, but it's safe to say we had around 100 people present.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.

David was kind enough to share further insights over dinner and in our car rides between venues that evening.  Particularly intersesting was our discussion of the art of public speaking.  Thanks again, David.

I wanted to list the resources from the evening in case you either could not attend or didn't have a chance to jot them down:

I hope you all found the evening equally worthwhile!