My Turn for the 5 Things Tagging Meme

Okay, I'm the last of Andy Beaulieu's group of 5 tagees to blog five things that people probably didn't know about me.  So, to curtail any further guilt (and to replace it with shame?), here we go:

  1. I'm a very big fan of craft beer.  I love checking out the latest offerings from Dogfish Head, Avery, AleSmith, Rogue, Stone, etc.  In fact, if you're in the Boston area, check out the Extreme Beer Fest.  I'll be there on 2/10 and sleeping on 2/11.
  2. My older daughter (age 7) and I are reading through the Harry Potter series together.  Of course, when you read in 15-20 minute chunks at bedtime, it takes a while.  Halfway through book 4...  Go Gryffindor!
  3. Unusual skill that I'm not particularly good at - glassblowing.  I have a collection of misshapen cups and random whatchamicallits to prove it.
  4. I started programming as a wee lad in 1979.  "101 Basic Games" was one of the first books that sped me on the way.  Ah, the fun of Boxing and hunting the Wumpus in full text-based glory.
  5. I can bend my left thumb back so it is parallel with my index finger - pointing the other way.  Good for entertaining audiences when my demos fail.  Used frequently.

Well there you have it.  I'll try to find time later to come back and tag five other people who haven't been tagged yet, but I wanted to get this post up now to complete Andy's group.