Online Firestarters – Silverlight, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure

imageMSDN Firestarter events are great (and free) ways to get up to speed with specific developer topics. 

For those who can’t attend in person, several of these live events will also feature an online streaming option, so tune in for some excellent Silverlight, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure content!

Silverlight Firestarter – 12/2

imageThe Silverlight Firestarter will feature a keynote with Scott Guthrie and a full day of sessions by Jesse Liberty, John Papa, Tim Heuer, and others.  This will be a great way to hear about the future of Silverlight and the latest developer tips and guidance.

ASP.NET Web Platform Firestarter – 12/9

imageThe Web Platform Firestarter (that I’m helping to deliver) will help you get up to speed with the latest in ASP.NET development, from ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms and WebMatrix, to tools and practices.  The December 9th event Atlanta, GA, with G. Andrew Duthie and Rachel Appel, will be simulcast live.

Windows Azure Firestarter – 12/9

imageThe Windows Azure Firestarter will help you understand how cloud computing can fit into your application plans and learn how to start working with Windows Azure.  The event in Chevy Chase, MD on December 9th will be simulcast live.