Online Introductory C# Workshop

Jeromy Walsh at is hosting a free 9+ week online C# Language Workshop:

This workshop is designed to aid people in their journey to learn beginning C#. This workshop is targeted at highly motivated individuals who are interested in learning C# or who have attempted to learn C# in the past, but found that without sufficient support and mentoring they were unable to connect all the pieces of this highly complex but powerful programming language. This is a 'guided' self-teaching C# workshop. Each student is responsible for taking the time to read the material and learn the information. The community and tutors that arise out of this workshop are here for making the learning process run more smoothly, but are not obligated to baby-sit a person's progress. Because everyone will be working from the same materials, students may find it easier to get answers to the specific questions they might have. There is no minimum age requirement, and there is no previous programming experience required.

The course just started this week, with participants using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition and downloading the C# Language Specifications [1.2 & 2.0] and individually (but with collective support from the group) working though sets of chapters and projects each week, with forums for Q&A.

Details and signup instructions are on the workshop's introductory thread.


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