Silverlight Browser Add-In for Reflector

Lutz Roeder's Reflector keeps getting more useful.  There's now a Silverlight-related add-in for Reflector called "Silverlight Browser".

Silverlight Browser is very handy for "how'd they do that?" developer use.  Open Reflector, choose File->Open Silverlight URL and point to a 1.0 or 1.1 Silverlight application endpoint. 

For 1.0 applications, Reflector parses the component Javascript and XAML files, displaying them as tabs in the main window.  The real power is evident when loading a 1.1 Silverlight application...

SilverlightReflectorFor 1.1 applications, the files are also parsed into tabs, but that also includes (approximate) source .NET code as well as reflected information in the left-hand pane for the .NET assemblies included with the Silverlight application.

In the screenshot, I've loaded the 1.1 Silverlight Airlines demo application into Reflector.  You can see the display screen, tabbed listings of relevant files (.js, .xaml, and .cs) as well as the SilverlightAirlines assembly information and decompiled information on the Flights class.