Upcoming Northeast Developer Events - July

Summer Leaves Summer at last!  Time for vacations and relaxation, but there's also plenty going on in the .NET developer community.   

Know of any other events or user group meetings?  Please let me know!


July 1
Agile Project Leader Network - Microsoft, Farmington, CT
"The Key to Effective Agile Planning, Estimating and Testing" 

July 1
Fairfield/Westchester .NET User Group - UConn, Stamford, CT
"Automated Developer Testing Panel" - Paul Lockwood, Jason Sliss, David San Filippo

July 9
Fairfield/Westchester SQL Server UG - UConn, Stamford, CT
"Database Development with Visual Studio Team System DB Pro 2008" - Benjamin Day

August 16
Hartford Code Camp- New Horizons, Bloomfield, CT
Join in the fun for the area's first Code Camp! More details coming soon.

[Taking the Month Off]
South CT .NET SIG - Shelton, CT
Connecticut .NET User Group - Microsoft Offices, Farmington, CT


July 9
Boston .NET User Group - Waltham, MA
"Introduction to Game Development with XNA" - Chris Bowen

July 10
Beantown .NET User Group - Boston, MA
"Introduction to Game Development with XNA" - Chris Bowen

July 16, 1 PM - 8:30 PM
Access Day - Waltham, MA
A day of free content for people working with Microsoft Access [Schedule]

July 16
Boston .NET Architecture Study Group - Waltham, MA

July 16
Boston Pocket PC - Waltham, MA

July 23
Boston XNA Developers Group - Waltham, MA

July 23
Cape Cod .NET User Group - West Barnstable, MA

July 28
New England SharePoint User Group - Waltham, MA

August 6
Boston Area Windows Server User Group - Waltham, MA

August 7
New England Visual Basic Professionals - Waltham, MA  

[Taking the Month Off]
New England SQL Server User Group - Waltham, MA
Western Mass .NET Users Group - Chicopee, MA


July 9, 12:30 - 5:00
Maine Developer Network - Augusta, ME
Special Event - Visual Studio 2008 Community Launch Event

July 22
Bangor Area .Net Developers (BAND) - Bangor, ME

July 24 
Maine Bytes User Group - Portland, ME
"Dynamic Data" - Jim O'Neil, Microsoft


New Hampshire

July 17
New Hampshire .NET User Group - Nashua, NH


New York (Upstate)

July 8
Tech Valley .NET Users Group - Latham, NY

July 16
Western New York .NET Users Group - Buffalo, NY 
"Dynamic Data" - Jim O'Neil, Microsoft

July 23
VDUNY - Visual Developers of Upstate NY - Rochester, NY

August 6
Central New York .NET Developer Group - East Syracuse, NY
"Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications" - Gary Depue & Melody Branigan

August 7
NJ & Upstate NY Microsoft Developer Group - Rochester, NY (Broadcast from NJ)
Topic TBD - Sujit D'Mello, Microsoft


Rhode Island

July 9
Southern New England SQL Server User Group, Warwick, RI
"Big Data: Managing Terabytes with SQL Server" - Andew Novick

[Taking the Month Off]
Rhode Island .NET User Group - Bristol, RI



July 14
Vermont .NET User Group - Burlington, VT

[Taking the Month Off]
Vermont SQL Server User Group - Burlington, VT