Want Multiple Monitor Support in Visual Studio 10? Speak Up!

My friend and Team System coauthor Noah Coad has just posted a great article about the issues and opportunities around supporting multiple monitors with the version of Visual Studio after 2008. 

Noah's on the VS team and is asking for your feedback, so this is a prime opportunity to help shape the functionality of Visual Studio:

  • How should the windows be controlled?
  • How should dragging and docking work?
  • What is the default solution/project behavior when multiple monitors are present?
  • Options for zooming/panning?
  • Helpful keyboard bindings?
  • Helpful mouse options (like right-click -> Send pane/window to monitor X?)
  • More?

I've been getting a lot of questions about multiple monitor support when speaking about VS2008 recently, so I know there's a bunch of you who have definite interest and opinions on this. 

Head over there and let your voice be heard!


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