WebsiteSpark – A Jumpstart for Web Development and Design Companies

WebsiteSpark Having just posted about a Boston-area opportunity for BizSpark companies, I realized I hadn’t yet mentioned the new WebsiteSpark program, so…


Similar to BizSpark, WebsiteSpark is a new program for web development/design companies and offers (from the FAQ):

The program helps Web Pros drive new business opportunities through increased visibility and connections with partners (including Web Hosters) and customers around the world; WebsiteSpark also provides Web Pros with Microsoft tools and hosting solutions, as well as support and training.

What Do You Receive?  

From the WebsiteSpark support page:

  • Design Tools/Development Tools/Testing Tools. Each Web Pro firm will be entitled to :

    • Visual Studio® 2008 Professional Edition 3 user licenses
    • Expression® Studio 2 (or 3) 1 user license, available only to the Primary Contact for the Web Pro
    • Expression® Web 2 (or 3) 2 user licenses
    • Windows Web Server® 2008 (or Windows Web Server 2008 R2 when available) 3 user licenses
    • SQL Server® 2008 Web 3 user licenses
  • Production and Deployment. If self-hosting, each Web Pro firm will be entitled to four processor production licenses each (requires enrollment in SPLA Essentials):

    • WebsiteSpark HomeWindows Web Server® 2008 (or Windows Web Server 2008 R2, when available)
    • SQL Server® 2008 Web

What Does This Cost?

From the FAQ:

“There is no upfront cost for Web Pros to join WebsiteSpark or receive its benefits; a Program Offering Fee (USD 100) is required when the Web Pro exits the program.”

How Do I Learn More and Join?

Full details, including how to qualify and join, are on the WebsiteSpark site and program guide.

If you’re a web development and/or design firm, it’s definitely worth a look.