A quick update on me.

It’s been over two years since I blogged.  Although I remain happily (perhaps even ecstatically) working at Microsoft, I left the CLR team and the Developer Division about a year ago.  I’m now on an incubation team, exploring evolution and revolution in operating systems.  This is a fascinating area that includes devices, concurrency, scheduling, security, distribution, application model, programming model and even some aspects of user interaction (where I am totally out of my depth).  And, as you might expect with my background, our effort also includes managed programming.


Anyway, this blog will remain available indefinitely.  It continues to be useful for certain technical details which are unavailable elsewhere.


In the meantime, if any readers are interested in working on a deep systems incubation with me and a team of truly outstanding developers, please send me email (cbrumme).  We are holding to some very high standards for this effort in terms of insight, experience and hard work.  But if you are like me, I am confident you will find it a dream opportunity.