Colin Melia on SilverLight 5

There was much talk about Silverlight 5 during this year’s DevTeach in Montreal. Last week, Susan (@HockeyGeekGirl) posted her DevTeach conversation with Laurent Duveau (@LaurentDuveau) about how Silverlight 5 takes DataTemplate to the next level with implicit data templates.  Colin Melia was also talking about Silverlight 5 at DevTeach, with a demo during the conference keynote, and a session on Silverlight 5 features in the conference’s Silverlight track.

At the conference, Colin got together with Carl Franklin (@carlfranklin) of .NET Rocks TV, and together, they bring us a sneak peek of Silverlight 5 as well as a handful of cool demos to show off some new features. Check out Show #198 of .NET Rocks TV!


Ready to give Silverlight 5 a try?

Silverlight 5 beta is now available for download. You can find the download, as well as Silverlight 5 videos, MIX11 videos, and top tutorials here.

About Colin Melia

Colin MeliaColin Melia is a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP for Silverlight known as an architect, trainer, speaker and author with deep and broad knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies, proven problem solving skills, hands-on solution creation ingenuity and the ability to communicate rich and complex ideas. He speaks regularly with his British accent at conferences, events and code camps for Microsoft and community organisations as well as being a college academic advisor. Colin has 17 years of hands-on experience in areas of rich UI with WPF/Silverlight, cloud development with Azure and BI with SQL Server, along with in-depth knowledge of core technologies such as .NET, OData, WCF, WF, LINQ and WIF. He has developed award-winning simulation technology with rich UI, cloud-based learning portals and workflow-driven BI systems. He also created the first streaming video community site with Windows Media.