Local Flavours Track at Microsoft TechDays Canada 2010

I love the technical community in Canada. In particular, I find that it's our collective willingness to share knowledge and insights with others that makes us special. I see this demonstrated on a daily basis through our team's interactions with user group leaders, Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft RDs, and influential members of the Canadian technical community.

"Developer Foundations" at Microsoft TechDays Canada 2009

Last year, my manager (John Oxley) and I spoke to many folks across the Canadian technical community about TechDays. At the time, many of you stated that you wished to deliver content that went beyond what was on offer in the other tracks that we were hosting. Many of you felt it was important to also address developer practices and processes; that is, to look beyond the products or technology and instead, to focus on the act of building applications and services. As a result of this feedback, we decided to create an additional track entitled, "Developer Foundations". This was announced by John Oxley on our blog earlier last year. Overall, the track was a tremendous success due to the hard work of Justice Gray, Peter Ritchie and all of the speakers who participated in this track. The feedback that we received indicated that this idea was something we had to revisit for next year. (Fast-foward to 2010.)

Local Flavours Track at Microsoft TechDays Canada 2010

Earlier this year, we announced some changes to TechDays that we made based on your feedback. One of the announcements we made was the creation of a new track entitled, Local Flavours:

We recognize that each city has unique characteristics and needs. This track is all about celebrating the differences while allowing those individuals passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise an opportunity to do so to help grow the skills of their peers and showcase the great work that is happening in the region.

We are looking for passionate individuals who want to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

This call for presentations is open to all roles of the Canadian technical community: IT professionals, developers, database administrators, system administrators, architects... everyone! If you are part of the Canadian technology community and wish to be a part of TechDays, I want to hear from you! We're seeking submissions right now. This is your opportunity to deliver a presentation on a topic that you're passionate about.

We have ten (10) 65-minute breakout sessions and two (2) 30-minute turbo talks available in each city so please plan accordingly when drafting your abstracts. We're looking for content that covers a wide spectrum of topics. If you're interested in sharing your story and expertise on technology that will help your peers, please download the documents below to find out more about the submission process and timelines for the Local Flavours track in your region. To submit a session, send a completed submission form to us by email at td_can@microsoft.com and let’s start the conversation.

Please note that there's no limit on the number of presentations you can submit. We want to see them all!

Download the form(s) (above) and EMAIL US YOUR SUBMISSIONS ( td_can@microsoft.com) !