Recap of My Application Platform Webcast Series

Over the past month I have conducted a series of webcasts that focus on 3 key technologies that all web developers using Microsoft technology should know about.  The main audiences for these webcasts are web developers and providers of IT services for small businesses, but if you're looking for a primer on these technologies, you may find the webcasts useful.

The first webcast, SharePoint for Web Developers, focused on SharePoint 2007 (including Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) and how it can provide a great platform for hosting external and internal websites. 

The second webcast, SQL Server for Web Developers, had a focus on showing how the SQL Server database management system is a great platform for building data-driven websites and includes information on SQL Server in general, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server Express 2005.  Due to a technical glitch, this webcast was not recorded, but I will re-record this webcast so you can view it later this month.  Please continue to check this post for details if you are interested.

The last webcast (but certainly not least!) focused on the features of Visual Studio 2008 for Web Developers.  I recruited our own Adam Gallant to co-host this webcast and to show off some of the really great features in Visual Studio 2008 that can make your life as a web developer much, much easier.

As promised, here are some of the resources from my webcast series that you can make use of:

A number of you had questions after the webcasts regarding specific information on the topics that were presented.  For the questions I could not answer off the top of my head, I will be updating this post with answers next week, so do watch this post for those answers as well.