Hmm... a different way to use a large server and windows.

I've heard of many ways to try and set a world record and well I shouldn’t' be surprised that technology is now a chapter in the Guinness world record book... this record made me smile. It definitely is a different and quite cool way of using an Unisys ES7000 32-CPU / 32GB RAM Server with Windows.

You can check it out at:

The real interesting and eye opening outcome for me was captured in the following blog post:


About 6000 machines connected to the network...

of these 1100 were infected...

no less than 400 000 different species of your least favorite malware were identified!

And before you ask, NO! - They were not all running Windows! :)


The counterstrike server blog gave me a insight into one way malware gets around. It seems that gamers care a lot about performance because as any lag in response time from handset to screen can be the difference between winning and getting blown away. I can see why they had disabled their firewalls and turned off the AV software, yet the outcome of getting malware probably slowed them down more.

Hmm.... Perhaps it's time I looked at my nephews systems :-)