Learn to Integrate through innovation

I want to give you a heads up that Dave Helmer, MS Canada’s president, is going to kick off the Canadian Ready Launch tour in Toronto, Nov 8.


I have had a chance to hear Dave speak numerous times internally and the topic is always current and applicable to today’s industry challenges. His past experiences and industry perspective bring some great insights into the exciting new possibilities with the integration of server and development tools. I was impressed with the broad perspective he brings as well as his consultative approach. Normally I wouldn’t post marketing events on this blog. Yet, I got some feedback from some of my Board of Directors (more to follow on this in a future post) which are senior managers in the IT industry, that it is important to understand where Microsoft Canada is going from a business perspective and hearing Dave speak on any occasion is worthwhile.


You can get more info and sign up @ http://www.microsoft.com/canada/launch2005/