Most Valuable Professional or MVP spotlight on Creating a lab on Windows Azure

This is an extract from the MVP Award Program blog and a post by Dynamics SharePoint Server MVP Inderjeet Singh Jaggi

From the post: (click to see the entire detailed article)

“Today we will understand how we can create our own Lab environment on Windows Azure. The whole process is lengthy to explain so I have divided it in 8 different parts listed below. Hope you will enjoy learning it.

  • Connect to your Azure Subscription using PowerShell.
  • Create a Virtual Network in Azure
  • Create a server on Azure in the Virtual Network
  • Create a new domain
  • Update Domain setting on Virtual Network and bind it to Private IP on DC
  • When creating a new server it should be part of this domain
  • Install SQL, SharePoint. etc. labs as part of this domain
  • Troubleshoot common issue during this process”