The Cloud in Your Hands – Marriage of Cloud Computing with Smart Devices – ACM Free Webinar


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Innovations in wireless networking technology are driving our increasingly connected world, with mobile devices gaining acceptance for both professional and private use. In the future, a vast majority of devices will rely on cloud services to enhance end user experiences-with services being a natural extension of such devices. This webinar will provide an introduction to the exciting new world of cloud-enabled mobile computing. A few complex user scenarios possible with this new paradigm will be discussed, along with a hands-on tutorial for developing such mobile applications on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Platform.

Duration: 60 minutes

Who Should Attend:

· IT Managers

· Software Developers/Engineers/Architects

· Other IT professionals interested in mobile and cloud computing

What You'll Learn:

· Why use cloud services with mobile devices?

· What user scenarios are possible by marrying cloud services with mobile devices?

· How do you develop cloud-enabled mobile apps?

Arjmand Samuel,
Senior Research Program Manager, Microsoft Research Arjmand Samuel is a Senior Research Program Manager at Microsoft Research Connections. He is responsible for building academic research partnerships related to Mobile Computing and Software Engineering. Arjmand's recent research interests are in the areas of cloud-enhanced mobile computing. He is spearheading the academic outreach component of Project Hawaii, a cloud-enabled mobile development platform for the Windows Phone. Arjmand holds a Ph.D. in Information Security and Privacy from Purdue University.

Danny Dalal, Senior Development Lead, Microsoft Research
Danny's work in declarative multimedia formed the spiritual foundation for what later became WPF and Silverlight. He has contributed to Visual Studio, BizTalk, and Windows Fabric. Danny currently manages engineering teams in Microsoft Research working on various open source projects intended to accelerate research and innovation in various domains such as Computational Biology, Big History education, Machine Translation, Earth Visualization, and Cloud-enabled Mobile Computing. He received his degree in Math and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.
David B. Johnson, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University
David B. Johnson is Professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University, Past Chair of ACM SIGMOBILE, and a member of the ACM Mobility Tech Pack Committee. David was one of the main designers of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Mobile IP protocol for IPv4, is the primary designer of Mobile IP for IPv6, and his group's Dynamic Source Routing protocol (DSR) for wireless ad hoc networks has been published by the IETF. He has edited six different journals, served on the Technical Program Committee for more than 40 international conferences and workshops, and chaired several major conferences, including MASS, COMSNETS, MobiCom, and MobiHoc.

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