Training: Microsoft E-learning

As I looked deeper into the training opportunities, I was sort of embarrassed to be shown the Microsoft e-learning site I was introduced to it by a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) after my last post. I knew that we had the online seminars/webcasts ( and our virtual labs ( rocked, yet somehow I missed the core e-learning courses. Perhaps I was only ignoring these as I have found in the past e-learning has really not lived up to my expectations.

So I went for a test drive and man was I impressed. This is great learning with a good interface and enjoyable experience. Yeah I know the company on the business card says Microsoft, yet I'm still challenged like you with the concept of time and budget for my training. While most of my team have more depth in their specific technology areas, I can see using this as breath training to help them get an understanding of other areas. You really have to check this out. It’s a pretty cool e-learning format, featuring from what I can tell is a series of features not available in any single product. These include:

  • Assessments -- Formalized assessments allow users to skip the lessons or modules they already know, concentrating on what you need to learn in order to reach the highest level of competence in the shortest amount of time. Self-tests allow you to test their knowledge by measuring how content has improved your technical competency.
  • Hands-on Virtual Labs -- Get practical hands-on experience in a safe virtual environment.
  • "Voice of an Expert" -- Real-life content experts introduce learning modules through audio narration.
  • Interactive, non-linear interface -- Games are designed to engage learners, introduce terminology, and assess retention of key information from lessons. Additional features include animations, interactive job aids, and simulations.

Have a look and give me some feedback. If you have a look you'll notice that int addition to the core courses, there are some that are always free, others are free on a special time limited offer and many other which have promotional discounts. Check out the following topics: