United Nations (UNESCO)-founded International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) News impacting you

Here are a sample of news updates from IFIP:

- Message from the President, Leon Strous

- 2014 World CIO Forum November 2014 held in Xi’an China

- 23rd World Computer Congress Oct 4-7, 2015 Daejeon South Korea

- News from IFIP’s Italian member AICA

- IP3 News

- CIPS BC Victoria luncheon with BC Minister of Technology, Innovation & Citizen’s services

- Link to the IFIP NEWS



I spoke at the IFIP General Assembly in Vienna and was vice-chair international steering committee for the World CIO Forum (WCF). At the WCF, I chaired and spoke at the opening plenary dialogue panel session with CEO and CIOs and was invited to award the top 100 CIOs. I have several interviews from the IFIP World CIO Forum which will appear in IT Manager. The insights shared will be of value to you. The one area requiring your attention is the rapid progress made in Big Data, deep learning, machine learning and using these tools in the enterprise. Microsoft Azure has significantly enhanced their offerings and I would encourage having a trial. I noted trends to watch in these articles: