Upcoming ACM-SIGSOFT Webcasts in June: Agile/Evolutionary Development, End-User Software Engineering, Technical Transfer

In June 2015, ACM and the ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT) present four free, special webcasts. Register today!

Tuesday, June 2, noon ET: "Agile and Evolutionary Software Development," Václav Rajlich and Will Tracz :
 Successful software requires constant change that is triggered by volatility of requirements, technologies, and stakeholder knowledge. This constant change constitutes software evolution. There is also the new prominence of evolutionary software development that includes agile, iterative, open source, inner source, and other processes; the bulk of software development now happens in the stage of software evolution. This webcast discusses reasons for this shift and new issues that emerged. It also discusses the process of software change, which is the fundamental software evolution task. It briefly contrasts software evolution and software maintenance. It presents both the current state of the art and the perspectives of future advances. Presented by Václav Rajlich, Professor and former Chair of Computer Science at Wayne State University.

Monday, June 8, 3 pm ET: "ACM SIGSOFT Town Hall Webinar," Will Tracz and Laura Dillon :
 This webinar provides attendees with the who, what, and what next, where of ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering. Attendees will be informed of changes in membership benefits, volunteer opportunities, and recent changes in ACM publication policies regarding open source access to conference proceedings. The initial presentation is scheduled for no more than 30 minutes with the remaining half hour reserved for answering questions. Presented by Will Tracz, Lockheed Martin Fellow Emeritus and Chair of ACM SIGSOFT.

Thursday, June 18, 1 pm ET: "End-User Software Engineering: Beyond the Silos," Margaret Burnett and Brad Myers :
 End-user programming has become pervasive in our society, with end users programming simulations, courseware, spreadsheets, macros, mashups, and more. This talk considers what happens when we add consideration of the software lifecycle beyond the "coding” phase of end-user programming. Considering other phases is necessary, because there is ample evidence that the programs end users create are filled with errors. End-user software engineering (EUSE) is a research area that aims to invent new kinds of technologies that collaborate with end users to improve the quality of their software. Presented by Margaret Burnett, Professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University.

Thursday, June 25, noon ET: "Are You Getting Traction? Tales from the Tech Transfer Trenches," Satish Chandra and Will Tracz :
 In the past several years, Satish was involved in taking a variety of software productivity tools to various constituencies within a company: internal users, product teams, and service delivery teams. In this talk, he would like to share the experiences he had in interacting with these constituencies; sometimes successful experiences, but at other times not so successful ones. The webinar will focus broadly on tools in two areas: bug finding and test automation. Satish will make some observations on when tech transfer works and when it stumbles. Presented by Satish Chandra, Senior Principal Engineer, Samsung Electronics.

Register for any of these free webinars and be sure to share them with friends and colleagues who may be interested in these topics. (ACM Membership is not required to register.) And check out past ACM Learning Webinars, all available on demand.

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