Did you know? TechDays Attendees get a free copy of Telerik Rad Controls for Windows Phone!

TelerikRadControlsAlthough many of the attendees from TechDays Toronto already know this, for those of you attending TechDays in Vancouver or Montreal (or maybe this is added incentive to register for Techdays in those cities…), our great partner Telerik has generously supplied every attendee with a free license for their Telerik Rad Controls for Windows Phone suite.

This is a truly world-class set of controls that will make your Windows Phone apps have an amazing experience to them.

Having seen these controls in action on several apps, clearly Telerik knows Windows Phone controls.

  Some of the features include access to:

  • 24 native component controls for your Windows Phone apps, including Application Frame, Calendar, Chart, Pickers, Gauges, Transition controls and more (explore them all here)
  • Ways of getting to-market quicker:  Instead of sweating out the details of making new controls that will really round out a great experience for your Windows Phone app, you can instead use these controls that are both best-of-breed and visually beautiful
  • The Telerik Showcase Gallery:  Show off your app and add to the marketing of your creation with the Telerik Showcase Gallery
  • Training and Code Samples:  Get training and code samples that use the Telerik Rad Controls for Windows Phone here.

If you attended TechDays Toronto (or after you sign in at TechDays Vancouver/Montreal), you can get your copy of the Telerik Rad Controls for Windows Phone here.  You’ll need the code that you will find on the back of your badge that you receive when you show up at TechDays to fulfill the offer.  But remember – this offer is exclusive to TechDays attendees!