AlignIT 2011: Real World Strategies for Development Managers and Decision Makers


The Situation

Every organization pursues strategies to differentiate from competitors. Effective software integration and custom applications are essential in providing that competitive differentiation. As part of a development team, you’re always under pressure to reduce the time it takes to move from concept through design, coding, testing, to deployment, enabling the business to take advantage of an opportunity within a specific window.

You or the development managers with whom you work are also challenged with ensuring that:

  • Overall productivity and quality of solutions is maintained at a high level
  • Costs are kept low throughout the application development cycle
  • Reporting on execution and communicating to stakeholders is done in a timely manner
  • Development/test results, decisions, and changes are tracked and adhere to the levels required by the various business and industry regulations
  • Software changes are made as part of a controlled process in order to minimize risk to the business

Approaches to a Solution

Efficiently coordinating all of these activities requires new, collaborative approaches to planning and executing development projects, bringing together the three key ingredients to achieving success – People, Process, and Tools. Individuals within your organization may already be looking at various approaches so let’s engage in a conversation on how we can help bring people, process, and tools together to address the challenges you face.

Register for AlignIT

Christian Beauclair (@cbeauclair), John Bristowe (@jbristowe), and I (@jrozenblit) will be hosting AlignIT in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. We’ll be exploring these challenges and sharing what’s available to help you overcome them and be a successful development leader. Visit the AligntIT site, review the session details, and register to attend in person or via simulcast. Share this post with those individuals who you believe would benefit from the conversation and help them successfully implement change in your organization.

AlignIT also has a track for infrastructure decision makers. If your responsibilities cross over to the infrastructure world, or you know someone who you think would benefit from the same type of conversation, head over to the AlignIT home page and have a look at the infrastructure sessions.

Preparing for AlignIT

For more information on topics that will be discussed AlignIT, stay tuned as we’ll be diving into topics such as new development experiences in Visual Studio and application lifecycle management as it bridges the gap between team members. We’ll also be sharing some real-world examples of how others are managing application development complexity in their companies to get you thinking about what you can do within your organization and how it may positively impact your development processes.

Discuss Challenges and Share Insights

What challenges are you facing in your organization? What’s being done, if anything, to address them? Share your thoughts in this Ignite Your Coding LinkedIn discussion.