Because There’s Always More To Learn…

The title of this post is “Because there’s always more to learn.” Where’s that from? You know it… That’s right – TechDays. But wait… time to talk about TechDays 2012 already? Not quite. But it is time to talk about TechDays Online!

Whether you were able to attend Tech·Days 2011 (or even 2010!) or not you’ll find it all on Tech·Days Online. It looks like many of you have already been perusing the training content that’s up there, so it’s definitely looking like TechDays Online is how Canadian Developers, like you, are staying on top of the latest technologies and innovations, as well as connecting with the developer community at large.

So what’s available on TechDays Online?

From Hands-On Labs to session videos to articles, and more, TechDays Online has the technical training that you need to grow your career:

  • Session Videos. Watch all of the sessions from Tech·Days 2011 and 2010 across all of the different tracks and technologies.
  • Hands-On Labs. Try the technology for yourself with step-by-step instructions and virtual machines that are already set up and ready for you.
  • Blogs and Articles. See what your peers and industry experts have to say on the latest issues with up-to-date blogs and featured articles.

But wait, there’s more – Introducing TechDays TV

Starting the end of this month, TechDays TV will air brand new TechDays sessions (exclusive to TechDays Online). The experts will be LIVE and INTERACTIVE which means that throughout the session, as well as after the session, you’ll be able to post your questions via chat or Twitter and have them answered in real-time. You’ll be connecting to technical folks as if they were right there with you at a TechDays tour location.

Clear your calendar and save the dates – every other Tuesday at 12:00 PM ET, starting February 28.


Visit Tech·Days Online now to drive your technical skills into the future—at your own pace and your own convenience and stay tuned for more on TechDays TV.