Canadian Imagine Cup 2014 Announced!

We are excited to announce the details of the 2014 Canadian Imagine Cup sponsored by Intel.


Canada, it’s time for us to show the world the talent here in the Great White North!

  • In 2012, Team Greeni from George Brown college represented Canada at the world finals in Sydney, Australia
  • In 2013, Team Sano from University of Calgary represented Canada at the world finals in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • In 2014, we could be sending you to the world finals in Seattle, Washington!

All around the world students just like you are entering the Imagine Cup. Register today!

What can I win?

Our national sponsor, Intel, will award each member of the three winning Canadian teams with one of the latest 2–in–1 touch–enabled PCs.

One of our Canadian teams will also win a trip to the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle‚ Washington for the Imagine Cup World Finals‚ to compete for the coveted Imagine Cup trophy and $50‚000 grand prize.

What are the categories?

  • Games - Great games come from anywhere‚ and people play them everywhere. Build one and you could win big!
  • Innovation - Leverage the technology at your fingertips to build something that will change the way people work, connect, or play.
  • World Citizenship - What can you do to make the world a better place through technology.

What are the requirements to enter

You can find a full copy of the rules at the Imagine Cup Website 

  • You must use a product in the Visual Studio family
  • Your application must require at least one of the following platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure

Those are the only requirements. But there is a wealth of technology out there you can leverage if it suits your needs: NFC, Kinect, tablets, smartphones, GPS, speech to text, translation services, and more.

Can I actually win?

There will be three teams in Canada who will win the individual categories. One of those teams will represent Canada at the worldwide finals. Why couldn’t it be you?

The winner isn’t necessarily the team who writes the most complex code. Usually, the winner is a team that comes up with an idea they believe in.

Have you got a really cool game idea that you’ve been meaning to get around to coding? Have you got a neat little concept for an app you think would be successful but you just haven’t bothered to sit down and figure out how you would build it? Have you got personal experience with a charity or a disability and you have an idea for how technology could help?

I’ve seen teams at the world finals who

  • Built an app to help detect dyslexia and help them improve their reading skills
  • Built an app to help people with Muscular Dystrophy maintain an electronic journal they could share with their doctor
  • Analyzed data to help bee keepers track their bee hives
  • Calculated when you needed to reapply sunscreen to avoid being burned based on where you were, your skin tone, time of day, and weather
  • Built a game where the player had to use a will of the wisp to make game elements appear and disappear on the screen to solve levels

WINNING TIP: Once you’ve built the basic solution, it also pays off to review the judging criteria for your category to see what you can add to score a few extra points with the judges.

What are the deadlines?

You can register today. Regsitering early ensures you will receive any updates and news about Imagine Cup. The most important deadline you need to know is the deadline to submit your project for Canadian finals.

March 22, 2014 8:00 p.m. ET
Deadline to register and submit entries

What exactly do I have to submit?

  • Video Presentation of your project to a panel of judges on camera to deliver the presentation as if to a live panel of judges for the National Finals. This presentation should explain your project and your team: Who is your team is; what your project does; who your project is for; and how you will bring your project to market. Your video must be no longer than 10 minutes and it may not have any edits or added visual effects. You may not move the camera during your presentation. In all respects it should replicate the experience of a judge sitting and viewing your live presentation.
  • Software that is usable by the judges in a hands-on evaluation.
  • Software Instructions document explaining how the use your software

You provide the software we’ll provide the flag for you to wave at the world finals!

Register today!

Imagine Cup St Petersburg 2013