MEDC-Vegas less than 2 weeks away!

Posted by: Sue Loh

Do YOU have YOUR tickets?

I am pretty psyched.  I will be giving 2 talks plus an instructor-led lab (which I'll be giving twice):  EMB310, EMB311 and ILL330.  Plus I'll be sitting on the sidelines for a few other talks, like those about kernel and drivers in the next version of the OS.  You'll probably see me floating to performance and file system related talks as well, or catch me in the Microsoft booth and experts panels.  As an added bonus, all my slides are done way ahead of time this year (no near all nighters).

Info about MEDC is here:

They've also put up a wiki for conference attendees to get links, errata, FAQs etc as the conference is taking place:

See you there!

[PS. I'll be at MEDC-Europe a month after that too.  But I'll be delivering a different set of talks.]