WESC interactive site is now live

Posted by: Sue Loh

To those of you from the Windows Embedded Student ChallengE competition who may read this site, it should interest you to know that there is a new public site where you can get your news, FAQs, and ask your questions.  Go to http://windowschallenge.learningce.com/default.aspx.

In particular I am hopeful about the FAQ (http://windowschallenge.learningce.com/FAQ/default.aspx) since we are already starting to see some duplicate questions from last year.  I also hope that by having a public discussion board for WESC we'll be able to help more people at once (not to mention let you help each other).

The official WESC site is still http://www.windowschallenge.com/, but I suspect that you will all get more use out of the new site.