Ada Lovelace Day 2009: Bronwen Zande

Today is the Ada Lovelace International Day of blogging. It aims to highlight the often unsung work of the many amazing women working in IT. You can find more information about the concept here:

I have posted before about the many amazing & inspiring women I know who work in IT, and decided today to highlight the awe inspiring work of Bronwen Zande, because of the ongoing inspiration she provides to me, as well as her important role in representing females in the very male dominated Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professionals) community and her continuing personal investment in building the Female IT community in Australia, specifically in Brisbane, Australia.

Apart from being a Live Services MVP, building and growing the amazing Windows Live community site that helps educate & Support Live developers, Bronwen frequently presents at usergroups and also runs her company Soul Solutions with her partner. Yet Bronwen somehow also finds time to run & support the site, as well as organise regular Brisbane Girl Geek Dinner events.

I have always found Bronwen to be an inspiring example of how being the change you want to see in the world can really start to change the world.