Barbie as a Computer Engineer?

Well, I never thought my blog would ever mention Barbie – but then again, it never occurred to me that I would have a mini-me in Lego, so the wonders never cease! :) And as it seems to be a toy themed week, I thought why stop now!

Admittedly, the only thing I ever liked about barbie as child was how well her legs worked to dig tracks out of the dirt in my back garden so that I could race (my brothers) Matchbox cars around the tracks & over the jumps.

This of course required the removal of her head so that the hair didn't get in the way, and all in all was a fairly liberating! Can you imagine my mothers horror when I quickly removed Wedding barbies silly clothing, and used her to dig in the backyard? ahhh! No wonder she swore to never ever buy me another Barbie – and she remained true to her word! Not that I minded….

And don’t even get me started on the unrealistic body images that Barbie portrays… although apparently In 1997 Barbie's body mold was redesigned and given a wider waist, with Mattel saying that this would make the doll better suited to contemporary fashion designs – but I digress!

All that aside, as someone that firmly believes in raising the profile of a career in IT to the young female audience – this actually got my interest.

Barbie has been portrayed in over 120 careers since her initial release in 1959, and Mattel have opened to public vote what she shall be next. The thing that has my interest is that the list includes:

Computer Engineer – Computer Engineers have lots of Different specialties. They can do anything from building computers to making video games!

And in this stead– they are right! Computer Engineers sure can! :)

Well, you could also vote for her to be an Environmentalist, Surgeon, Architect or News Anchor, but I didn’t! :p

If you would like to vote as well or just find out more – go here: