Females in Telecommunications & Technology Combines forces with Geek Girl Dinners for a Speed Mentoring Event

In November, Sydney Girl Geek Dinners joined forces with Females In Technology and Telecommunications (FITT) for its first networking event, kindly sponsored by Microsoft.  The event provided a fun and interactive speed mentoring game, with the overall goal of sharing ways you can get involved in mentoring & give or receive support from your peers & our amazing role models we are lucky enough to have.

We managed to get a quick Vox Pop of a few of the attendees who shared their tips for those who couldn’t make it.... (Thanks to Christian Longstaff for being a super Camera man & to everyone that shared their ideas with us!)

For those interested in finding out more about the Networking program offered by FITT – details are here.

FITT & GGD Speed Mentoring Event from ceibner on Vimeo.