Help bring Sara Ford to Tech Ed Australia

Sara Ford** is a girl with a dream, a dream to come to Australia! Ever since she was a little girl, Sara has wanted to visit Australia.

And to make that happen we need your help! You need to Vote to bring Sara out to Australia – if we can get enough votes by 5th August, we can get her out here for Tech Ed Australia!! :) Vote here:

See Sara’s heartfelt plea here:

If we get enough votes, Sara is will present her acclaimed Visual Studio Tips & Tricks talk (as one attendee to this talk has previously quoted: “I laughed I cried It was better than cats.”) and she will also take us all on a Tour of CodePlex & show how Microsoft is working with OSS.

So don't delay – Vote Today! :)

** Sara is now the Program Manager for Microsoft's Open Source platform CodePlex and is also renown as the Visual Studio Tips & Tricks Lady.