Latest CRM 4.0 SDK now available

Now available in the latest SDK is what i believe is one of the most exciting releases fro CRM 4.0 since the launch of Accelerators!

Thanks to contributions from the ADX Studios Team – now included the Advanced Developer Extensions

Advanced Developer Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, also referred to as Microsoft xRM, is a new set of tools included in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK that simplifies the development of Internet-enabled applications that interact with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. It uses well known ADO.NET technologies. This new toolkit makes it easy for you to build an agile, integrated Web solution!

Advanced Developer Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports all Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment models: On-Premises, Internet-facing deployments (IFDs), and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The SDK download contains everything you need to get started: binaries, tools, samples and documentation.

Now for some cool word bingo on the features! included is:

  • an enhanced code generation tool called CrmSvcUtil.exe that generates .NET classes (i.e. Generates a WCF Data Services (Astoria/oData) compatible data context class for managing entities),
  • Linq to CRM,
  • Portal Integration toolkit as well as
  • Connectivity and caching management, which provides improved scalability and application efficiency.

Download it here:

I am downloading it now & as soon as it extracts am going to start playing with these extensions! Hopefully you will see some more detailed posts soon on what’s included and some of the cool things you can build! :)