Sara Ford Is COMING to Tech Ed Australia!!!

Tech ED Australia just keeps getting better & better! I have just received confirmation that Sara Ford IS COMING TO TECH ED AUSTRALIA!!!

We had over 500 votes which 434 voted Yes, ABSOLUTELY!


Turns out those that voted no – predominantly thought we were poaching Sara long term – but never fear! Its just for the duration Tech Ed!! :D

Sara will be presenting 2 topics & also be involved in our Women in IT Lego Build Event!

Visual Studio IDE Tips (300lv)

Performance improvements begin by speeding up the simple task you do every minute of every hour of every day you use Visual Studio.  Just like a coin jar where you place your spare change,  you’ll see the time you save add up into the days, weeks, and into the months.  This talk offers the best of the best from the Visual Studio Tip of the Day series that can be used in any programming language. Dive deep into the IDE!

A Tour of CodePlex (200lv)

If you're a software developer interested in running an open source project or just looking around for a particular tool to download, come check out the latest from CodePlex. CodePlex is Microsoft's open source project hosting site. Launched in May 2006, CodePlex host thousands of open source projects. CodePlex users can start open source projects with support for source control, bug tracking, wiki pages, downloads, forums, and project statistics. Additionally, CodePlex supports the widest range of source control clients. This talk explores the top downloaded projects, outlines the CodePlex feature set, and explains how we build the CodePlex software.

Sara is Sooooooo excited – see her thank you video here:

Thank you so very much to everyone that voted! We look forward to welcoming Sara to Australia at Tech Ed!!!