Sydney BootUp Camp: July 11th - 24th


We have a such fantastic Start Up Community here in Australia. With things like Startup Camp & Growth town, Silicon Federation & Silicon Beach Drinks – you can regularly have the opportunity to meet with & share lessons & ideas with other entrepreneurs. The organisers of great things like Startup Camp & Growth town have been busily organising their next great idea: Boot Up Camp.

Its a structured 14 days of intense workshops where you get to work with other like minded enthusiastic entrepreneurs to develop an idea into a fully operational web business!! The days include initial idea pitching, writing a business plan, building a prototype, and continue on to the last day where participants get the chance to demonstrate their idea to an eager bunch of Venture Capitalists.

At the end of the two weeks you will:
- have experienced the thrill of starting a business without having to quit your job/drop out of school
- own a share of the business you have built
- have met and learned from some of the best entrepreneurial minds in Australia
- have made some good decisions and some bad ones; learned from them and moved on
- have worked hard and had a lot of fun

BootUp Camp is being run from July 11 - July 24 2009 at ATP Innovations Centre:

ATP Innovations Pty Ltd
Suite 145, Level 1, National Innovation Centre
Australian Technology Park

4 Cornwallis Street
Eveleigh (Sydney) NSW 2015

After speaking with one of the organisers, Bart Jellema co-founder of at the recent Bar Camp Sydney , it is easy to see that events like these are going to continue to be part of our local Start up landscape when there are such passionate people involved in fostering this community as Bart.

I will certainly be popping in to see how things are going whenever I can & will actually be having a chat to the participants at Lunch on Monday the 13th on how to engage with Microsoft, specifically about the Bizspark program.

Below are some of the links to find out more:

BootUp Website:

BootUp Camp Facebook Group:

BootUp Camp Twitter Account:

BootUp Camp Info on the Startup Australia Website:

There are a few places left, so If you want to get involved, Spots are limited and to secure your spot you have to apply.

Send an email to with the following details:

Phone number:
Web presence: (blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc)

1) Why do you want to go to BootUpCamp

2) Tell us about your technology skills and experience (what have you done, what have you made, what have you achieved)

3) Tell us about your business experience (what have you done, what have you made, what have you achieved)

4) What are you looking to get out of this event

5) Are you available to attend all 14 days from July 11th until July 24th (9AM - 9PM or later)