Why Every BizSpark Partner should sign up for Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR)

I have suggested to quite a few BizSpark partners recently that they really should sign up on the cool new Microsoft Platform Ready & profile their applications. Not only because it is designed to help you develop & test your application – but because of the extra visibility you will receive as a result of signing up. All profiled apps that include any Azure components will be going into the AIIA ‘Buy Australia Software’ Catalogue which is sent to over 5,000 organisations.

As this is a relatively new offering from Microsoft, I thought I would include a breakdown of what the MPR program is & where you can find out more info. Also keep in mind that if you profile your app before the 10th of December 2010 you go in the running to win one of 5 Xbox 360s’ + Kinect packages!

I think the highlighted section below is probably the most important  part of this offer for BizSpark members. By signing up for MPR, you get extra marketing and PR benefits as well as licences to access to use Microsoft Online Services of BPOS, CRM online & intune!!!

Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR)  

Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) helps you develop, test and take your product to market – streamline your efforts and profile your application / or intent to build on Azure today! www.microsoftplatformready.comimage

Develop - MPR Technical Resources

  • The latest software development kits and early access to beta and release candidate software
  • Top rated training, developer support
  • Testing tools included in MPR

Test - MPR Testing Tool

  • Fully automated self service/no fee
  • Validates your application is current
  • “Works with” quality check
  • Completed software tests can be used to fulfill Silver & Gold competency requirements in the Microsoft Partner Network

Powered by Windows Azure Logo

  • Passed Azure Platform Ready Test automatically qualifies for Powered by Windows Azure logo


Market - MPR Marketing Benefits

  • Inclusion in the AIIA ‘Buy Australia Software’ Catalogue sent to over 5,000 organisations (Azure App Only)
  • Press Release template featuring a quote from a Microsoft Executive, and ready to go email, web banner, postcard and business letter templates.
  • Automated syndication into customer facing product catalogues e.g. Pinpoint

Cloud Essentials & Cloud Accelerate

  • Registering an Azure App qualifies you for Internal use right of Microsoft Online Services
    • BPOS – up to 250 licenses
    • CRM Online – up to 250 licenses
    • Intune – 10 devices