Layered Service Providers (LSPs) on Windows CE

One of the difficulties I have supporting the LSP developer community is the

amount of time between me implementing a change, and having LSP developers become aware of it. Often, the time delta is such that I can't incorporate developer feedback till the next version of CE.


To help mitigate this issue I'd like to try putting my proposed recommendations and sample code on this blog. This will allow me to get feedback, and you to shape the growth of the CE LSP technology.


To help me understand who I should be targeting,  I’d like to know what you use your LSPs for. I’d appreciate if you added a comment stating what your LSP does, what version of CE (or PPC/SP)  it needs to run on, and  if the LSP primarily passes through to the next level in the LSP chain.  


[Author: Igor Dvorkin]