Real Time Communication (RTC) support on CE and Windows Mobile platforms

There were many queries about using RTC on Windows Mobile platform. With this blog, I will try to clarify on which platforms RTC is available and supported.

So far, RTC has always shipped as a part of the general embedded CE release. It is supported as a part of CE releases only. Until WM6, RTC was never available on Windows Mobile platform. Copying CE released binaries on Windows Mobile is unsupported. There may also be licensing issues with that.
On some Windows Mobile 6 SKUs, VOIP (Voice over IP) is supported. This functionality is based on RTC. So, RTCDll.dll (RTC binary) will be available on some of the WM 6 SKUs. However, on these SKUs, RTC is not released as an SDK, but solely to provide the VOIP functionality. So if an application wishes to use RTC on these SKUs, it is free to do so, but that scenario won’t be supported by Microsoft.

Hope this will clarify some questions around RTC support on CE as well as Windows Mobile platforms.

 - Rajesh