What is new in RTC 6.0 R2 release?

Following are the new features in RTC 6.0 R2 release:

1. Local audio mixing capability (enabling 3 way VOIP calling)
2. Point to Point Video Calls
3. Pluggable Video Codec capability
4. Ability to inspect SIP headers for certain SIP messages
5. Ability to add custom headers to certain outgoing SIP Messages
6. Attended Call Transfer facility
7. Call Park/Pickup facility

All the above features, except video, are available through VOIP default sysgen, i.e. SYSGEN_VOIP. Point to Point Video

feature is selectable using SYSGEN_VOIP_VIDEO sysgen.

As time permits, I and my team will blog out each feature in more details.

For now, you can get some details about local audio mixing through the following link:

Thanks and happy new year to all!!